Blogs, blogs, blogs

I like reading blogs. I got into it this summer and a few months ago I started finding all these super cool Christian blogs. I mean, besides Stuff Christians Like. Don't get me wrong, I love that blog. But there are others! Can you believe it?

People send me blogs they find because (I'm assuming) they know I'll check 'em out and maybe like them. But when you read one fairly well-developed/established blog, it almost always leads to other blogs. This happened to me today. A friend sent me one blog and I ended up reading like, 500 new blogs (slight exaggeration).

What did I discover? There are seriously SO many cool people in this world. Like, "can I please be friends with you?" cool. And they blog about Jesus! EVEN BETTER. I love reading these kind of blogs. It's overwhelming to keep up with them all, however, so I have to stay focused on my few favorites. Still, it's fun to read these blogs and share them with each other. It's so encouraging to see people making a difference just by being real: sharing their lives, hearts, thoughts and experiences. The internet is neat like that. So is God.

Here are some of the Christian blogs in my Google Reader right now (one of them just added today, thank you very much Stephanie). I follow other blogs, too, but this post is mostly about blogs that are explicitly/consistently Christian. So that's what you get right now.
Note: these rotate in and out as I find new blogs or my attention span for reading goes up or down. So I'm always open to recommendations and excited to share more!

Happy reading  =]


  1. ahh i love stuff christians like! so funny.
    also, i adore your blog :)

  2. I like beauty and bedlam too!