This morning I woke up early to make sure I had time to myself before I went on my way for an early start to my day. Of course the one day this week I need to be up early is the one day my roomie (my big sis Amanda) gets to sleep in. Although I would prefer to not be careful of someone sleeping as I get ready for the day, today it made my morning kinda special.

Instead of opening the blinds or turning on a light, I read my Bible by candlelight. I suppose I had other options (go to a different room or find a flashlight), but the candle was right there and I'm lazy. And you know what? God rewarded my laziness. JK JK ... that's definitely a joke - He does not appreciate my laziness. But I did really enjoy using candlelight. I might just do it every morning that I need to wake up early. I'm not sure why; it was just really special.

Therefore: If the sun isn't up yet, I would recommend reading your Bible by candlelight. Yay for special times with God!! He sure is great. =]

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  1. so good. it's like being by candlelight with the Lord. A date with God. i love it. oh and you! :)