First Post // Work Space

OMG, a blog!

That's right. It's happening. Can't promise it's gonna be anything super spectacular, but I'll do what I can.

For my first post, I have (drumroll please) ... amateur photos of my work space! This is my desk. In real life it's pretty messy. I had to remove a lot of stuff to make it look clean. If it was 3x its current size then it would look nice like this almost always. Maybe. 

[if you click on the picture it should show a larger version]

1. My (pretty darn cute - and old) laptop.
2. Encouragement from the always wonderful Michelle.
3. Florida jar with candy corn (candy corn no longer there).
4. Pet alligator from my dear friend Russell.
5. Genuine feather from Oregon c/o my Momma.
6. Thrifted leaf bowl with chapstick and pink thread, of course.
7. Super cute shot glass my family bought me in Colorado. It's broken in a few places now, but it's so perfect for holding my bobby pins I can't get rid of it. It's got the cutest lil black bear climbing up the side!
8. Random giraffe coaster my mom found at a thrift store. It's entirely useful and I love it (that's important because she doesn't always find me useful stuff; which is dangerous since I have a bad habit of keeping useless things).

Ain't he cute? =]


  1. i'm so excited for you. :) this is going to be great.

  2. Haaa I was just going to comment that this is so exciting!!!! I've been thinking of starting up a blog but i'd probably forget about it... =/ I kind of have trouble staying committed to things you know? Anyways your desk looks like so much fun I love your coaster!!!!!!!

  3. ok sorry, i thought it would show my name, but suzie this is Amanda Montufar lol