Meet my adorable little sister, Emily:

[she's picking an Allstar Weekend album from that tree]

Meet Emily's favorite band, Allstar Weekend:

[from left: Zach, Michael, Nathan, Emily, Cameron]

Now when I say favorite, I mean FAVORITE . She even flew out to Colorado to visit me two summers ago so we could see them perform in Denver on her birthday. That's not to mention the 5 other times she's seen them (that may be a low estimate).

The boys are starting a new tour Jan-Feb and Emily's master plan was to get two VIP tickets for not only their concert in Chicago, but also their concert the night before in Indy and bring a friend to both (she's been saving up). She called this her "Allstar Weekend." So this morning at 10am the VIP tickets went on sale. Since Emily has school, guess who was put in charge of buying the tickets? Yupp, yours truly. I promise you I was hitting refresh on Ticketmaster's site starting at 9:58. Alas, I was unable to get the tickets ='[

A few hours later, I'm on Facebook and Allstar Weekend comes up in my news feed with a post listing all the sold out venues for VIP tickets so far. Chicago was on there but Indy wasn't .... WHA?!?? I got on that webpage and secured 3 pretty lil VIP tickets immediately.


Something must have just gone wrong on the webpage earlier that I couldn't get the tickets. As unfortunate as it is that we couldn't get them for the location that isn't 3 hours away, I am beyond happy that we got them at all after feeling the disappointment this morning.

Looks like we'll be on a short road trip in February =]

Also: Emily should probably get an award for being one of the best (most dedicated) fans ever. Wouldn't you agree?

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  1. We just have to pray no snow storm for that trip......