white paint

Today Emily and I repainted one of the bedrooms in the apartment downstairs. The people who were renting it just moved out so now is a great time to repaint the bright blue and green walls (of what was my room for about 4 years?) to a cream color.

As we were painting I kept thinking of pretty rooms I've seen on the internet (Pinterest, anyone?). I love the rooms that are mostly white. I would never think to do that myself, but I am so drawn to them. My goal is to recreate the all-white magic whenever I grow up and have my own place.

Here are some examples for your viewing pleasure:

[click through for sources - does Pinterest count as a source?]

Don't you love the textures of the wood in the first one? And the splash of colors in the third? I'm also way into the blanket in the last room. Meep!

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  1. white is good for big girls. Boys (any age), children and dogs are not a good combination with white.....That is fact.