birthday cake

I am currently making Jesus' birthday cake. Last year Carissa and I spent hours slaving over such a masterpiece. I remember trying to call everyone we knew in the area (aka, 4 block radius) to see if they had an egg we could use since were one egg short. Eventually Carissa ended up meeting David down the street for a seemingly shady tradeoff (did we give him something in exchange?) and I think David told her not to shake it and that the age of the egg was questionable. We didn't end up using the egg, either, but I remember the whole experience being pretty hilarious. I am laughing as I think about it right now. Here's the picture of Carissa preparing Jesus' birthday cake last year:

["Is this blasphemous because this cake is red like Jesus' blood and were gonna eat it? Should we do communion beforehand?" says Carissa as she's calling people to see who has an egg for Jesus' birthday cake.]

That's the caption from when I posted this picture to Facebook a year ago. So here's to you, Carissa, for being the most wonderful birthday cake-making partner. And to Jesus ... for being born. Aaaand for being the Hope to a lost and broken world. Aaaand for offering us salvation and all that good stuff. Best birthday everrr!!

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