Don't you just love nature? It often makes my heart hurt when I see it because it is such a great reflection of God's beauty.

This was one of the worship songs at Catalyst tonight. Katie (the worship leader) encouraged us to just soak it in, and I'm so glad she did.

I heard your echo in the canyon 
Upon the timberline 
You said these mountains were your invention 
And so was this heart of mine 
I heard you whisper on the water, 
There on the mighty sea 
You spoke of love deep as the ocean 
When You spoke of Your love for me 
I am loved by the Father 
I am loved by the Son 
It is love that has captured 
The heart of this wayward one 
I heard your laughter in the sunrise, 
Amidst the morning birds 
A song of freedom for all creation 
And you sang me every word 
I heard you singing in the silence, 
A simple melody 
Words of love, O I can hear it 
My Father is very fond of me
Captured by Chris Tomlin

I spent two summers living and working in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and I can tell you that I left part of my heart in those mountains. They are stunning. As I listened to the words of this first verse my heart jumped.

God created the mountains.
God created my heart.

Maybe you don't think much of comparing your heart to the mountains, but in that moment God showed me that he thinks my heart is as beautiful as those mountains, and even more dear to him.

His love truly captures me.

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