eight hundred and thirty five

Something really cool happened at Catalyst last night.

At the end of the message two guys came up to share about a family they've been able to help out over the past few weeks. They told us how they got involved and shared about the needs of this family. Pastor Brett decided to send a basket around to bless the family. At the end of the night there was $835 in the basket with the desire to bless this family we didn't know. Totally unexpected. Totally a miracle.

We aren't even that big of a group. Who even carries cash anymore?

Talk about the Spirit stirring hearts. He is awesome.

P.S. Will you keep praying for Christopher with me?

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  1. what do you think, no more than 50 people? i was shocked at how much money we had, either i'm just used to poor college students are that was a miracle (and probably both are true).