Take note wonderful people who read my blog (thank you for liking me enough to do so):

I'm pretty sure absolutely positive I want one of these balloons from Geronimo at some point in my life. I don't care why; I'm willing to accept reasons such as my birthday, Christmas, any other holiday, wedding (it has to happen eventually, right?), or even just because you like me. The last option would probs be most fun cuz I won't be expecting it. I'm also open to this happening more than once.

I just think they are wonderful! Geronimo is based out of LA and look what I found on their website:

"Coming soon to Los Angeles… 499 Balloons all over the city, deposited in the night. When? Well, we can’t tell you this. But we can promise that it will be delightful and inspiring, and most importantly…. for every person."

What a fun idea! I love it.

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