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Tumblr_lw2l2qxao41qgmyzoo1_500_largeI just got off the phone with the most wonderful woman.

Like, truly, she just made me entirely too happy to be a part of what God is doing in the world.

First off, I've never met or talked to this woman before. She heard about my ministry and asked if she could help in some way. So I got in touch with her today to talk to her more about it. She wanted to hear all about it and has such a heart for young people - talking about how important she sees it is to have missionaries on college campuses.

Anyway, I found out during our conversation that not only has she had Leukemia (which is now in remission), but she's also had fibromyalgia since she was 8 and she has other health problems they can't figure out. But towards the end of our conversation do you know what she told me?

"Forget about praying for me; you know what you could do for me?" And she starts telling me about a man she met at church. He is in a wheelchair and can't really even move his arms and also can't speak. His mom has always taken care of him and still does. But he is fine otherwise. He listens to the message in church and communicates with his nieces through his eyes. His body just limits him. She continued to tell me about him, and she asked me to help her pray for him.

She said how she thought it would be so wonderful for him to have a normal life - and especially at Christmas time. "I am so excited now that I have your help praying for him."

And my absolute favorite thing she said: "Why not?"

Why not? Why shouldn't we pray for healing? God does some legit awesome stuff and still does miracles all the time. Why shouldn't we pray for him?


So I am super excited to pray for him. And I want to ask if you would help us pray for him, too? Maybe God will heal him. Maybe he wants to heal him this Christmas. Why not? Why shouldn't we all pray for him?

His name is Christopher - "it's even got 'Christ' in it," she said.

We must have hope, and we must have faith. Let's live it out and pray for Christopher together!

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