top 11 of 2011

Ready for this? Here we go: Suzie's Top 11 Albums of 2011 whoooooo!

I tried to put these in order of discovery/obsession starting with the beginning of 2011, but I can't promise the order is entirely accurate. These are the albums I've listened to the most this year and/or could continue to listen to on repeat. Also, it was really difficult but I kept the list to albums that were released in 2011 only.

Suzie's Top 11 Albums of 2011

1. Adele - 21

The Way It Was
2. Parachute - The Way It Was

Codes And Keys
3. Death Cab for Cutie - Codes and Keys

Young Love
4. Mat Kearney - Young Love

Perfect Darkness
5. Fink - Perfect Darkness 

Bon Iver
6. Bon Iver - Bon Iver

Kiss Each Other Clean
7. Iron & Wine - Kiss Each Other Clean

Early In The Morning
8. James Vincent McMorrow - Early In The Morning

Be Lifted High
9. Bethel Live - Be Lifted High

10. Florence + the Machine - Ceremonials

11. Noah Gunderson - Family

I hope I didn't forget any ...?

Albums that were close but didn't make the cut (no order): The Script - Science & Faith, Justin Bieber - Mistletoe, Bryan John Appleby - Fire on the Vine, The Civil Wars - Barton Hollow (mainly because I listened to a live recording of theirs waaay more in 2010 than 2011), Farewell Milwaukee - When It Sinks In, Angus & Julia Stone - A Book We Love

If you haven't already, give some of these a listen and let me know what you think =]
What are your favorite albums of 2011?


  1. I know it isn't your exact music taste, but Vice Verses was really great. So glad Florence is on this list! Ok and woah..where's breaking dawn pt 1?

  2. thanks for posting these Suzie! I just bought the family album! I was looking for new music :)Also, I think I mentioned them to you at training but I love A Company of Thieves :)

  3. suze, i was looking over this list again to see what i hadn't yet discovered, and just caught your "justin bieber - mistletoe" reference. i MIGHT have taken you off my google reader if it was top eleven. just an fyi.