colors of the wind

Pocahontas is my favorite Disney princess. Let's not get into the debate of whether or not she's a legit princess. She was the chief's daughter so it's basically the same thing.

Anyway, she's my fave. Probably cuz she's awesome, brave and adventurous and her hair never gets tangled no matter how much it's blowing in the wind. Not to mention I've always been interested in Native American culture and history. Let's also not get into how inaccurate the movie actually is.


This is gonna take a turn from being an informative post on my favorite Disney princess to a scary/embarrassing event in my life. Why am I sharing this? I'm not completely sure, but it will probably help you feel better about dumb things that have happened in your life.

When I was in first or second grade I was playing on this monkey bar-ish thing. The picture below is how I remember it looking, although that was a really long time ago so I might be off a bit.

Like any other little kid, I was exercising my imagination by pretending I was Pocahontas listening to the wind as it blew perfectly through my hair on top of these monkey bars, which were the equivalent to Grandmother Willow or that one cliff. There were obviously leaves cuz that's when the wind is telling you something.

Well I think the wind had told me where to go explore on the playground next but instead of climbing to the ground like I would have enjoyed, I fell to it - hitting a few bars on the way down. I bit my bottom lip pretty darn good. I remember my mouth being all full of blood as a teacher walked me to the bathroom inside where I could spit it out.

[*blood scribbles added for dramatic effect]
But I'm alive and fairly normal so it's all good. So that's my semi-frightening, kinda embarrassing, funny-in-hindsight moment of trying to be as awesome as my favorite Disney princess.

Anyone else have interesting playground/imagination stories? Or maybe a favorite Disney princess?

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