I can be a sucker for good advertising/design. I'm way more likely to buy something if you tell me it's saving an animal's life. I also look for products that have nice packaging. In general, I kinda care how stuff looks. I don't think it's being shallow (?), I just appreciate things that look nice.

Another thing that gets me is how stuff is displayed. Example: When one item is put on display with multiple other colors of the same item.

"Well, gee, that color combination of 500 towels looks AWESOME. I'll take them all!" Except this never happens, so you buy one towel and you bring it home, "Huh. This one purple towel looks significantly less cool without the 8 other colors it was on display with." (See examples below)

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

[jcrew sweaters]
[essie nail polish]
[vans shoes]
[the company store sheets]

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