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Today I legitimately read this post and then went on my day doing the exact thing it warns against.


The post I linked to above talks about a not-so-good-habit of "using music to affirm and amplify toxic emotions ... negative emotions that have the potential to do some serious harm if left unchecked."

Uhhhh, so guilty.

The first time I remember someone calling me out on this and it actually registering with me was my junior year of college. I have tendencies to go in and out of "my life is a black abyss" emotional craziness. I had been in black abyss mode for a while when my small group co-leader and good friend got in my car, heard the music I had playing, and said something like, "No wonder you're depressed. Listen to the music you're playing."

Dangit. I hate truth sometimes.

It has become really important for me to surround myself with good music. Not just "good" music, but good music. Music that encourages me and glorifies God. Music that will help me refocus on God instead of allowing me to dwell on my depressing emotions.

It's not instinct and often I would really much rather listen to my angry or depressing music. But when I switch the music, my heart slowly starts to loosen up. Seriously. I change my music and let God change my heart. It's the best.

That's why I like to start my days off with worship music. And why I don't invest in bands I used to love listening to. And why I love when people share good music with me.

Try it out sometime. If you need some suggestions, let me know. I'll send a list your way.

(semi-related: when I discovered this band I almost fell over - they love Jesus and totally rock)

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