You may know by now that Good Women Project (GWP) is one of my favorite blogs. The mission of the blog is to "restore a woman's identity as God created her to be." I love that, and I sincerely appreciate this blog. It's a great opportunity for women to speak truth into other women's lives and it is a good resource. I enjoy being a girl and I love it more as I discover more how God made me to be a beautiful woman.

Anyway, each month GWP posts on a different topic and January's topic is emotions. I'm realizing that I don't always think about my emotions. I often just let them happen. It has been good for me to learn and become more aware of my emotions and what impact they have on me.

Today's post is titled "On Female Bread-Winners and Hard-Fought Contentment."

Well, I'm not married right now so that part doesn't really apply to me. But I love what the writer, Leslie, has to say about "In-between":
“Arriving” and finally getting to where you want to be in life is contrived. I think that as a culture, we usually get to one milestone and sit and enjoy it for about a second, only to quickly move on and set our eyes on the next milestone—because that next step will surely, surely make all of life better.
Yep, that's definitely where I'm at right now. And as much as I try to make my In-between feel not-so-in-betweeny, mentally I am still there. But then the next paragraph is what gets me:
What we sometimes forget is how much shaping and learning goes on during these in-between times. The habits you make in the in-betweens will not magically evaporate when you get where you want to be.
Ick. That's not what I want to hear, but it is what I need to hear. My In-between time right now is a time for shaping, learning, and habit-forming.

Tumblr_ly865t5y0v1qf1gz5o1_500_largeI learn every day. From mistakes. And I tend to have to make them on my own - good warnings from people don't always work for me. The question is will I allow the mistakes to turn into negative habits or will I let God use these mistakes to shape me into the woman he created me to be?

I am not proud to say I don't always choose the obvious answer.

So, maybe you could pray for me? That I would let God shape me. I want to be the woman he created me to be. I do. I just forget that sometimes a lot. Cool ... thanks =]


  1. That's a really good post. Also, is that you in that picture?

    I've been thinking about that a lot lately, just in terms of living on my own, and how much I can(or how little I have) prepare myself for down the road. I've seen that in a lot of my habits, from how I can eat healthier to how I do actually spend my time. Then I think, "If I were living with whomever my future wife is, would I, as I currently am, be able to take care of her as she needs? How much do I indulge selfish wastes of my time and energy when I don't have someone depending on me?" Certainly not thoughts to be taken lightly.

  2. Nope, not me in the picture. Found it on the internet. And yeah, I totes agree. It's important stuff that can really help/hurt us in the future.