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I'm finally back. After traveling to Texas and then to Ohio, I'm home for a bit now.

I want to tell you how overwhelming these last several days have been. Mostly good overwhelming. The kind where your heart is so filled up it's coming out of your eyes (in the form of tears). I want to tell you how God is faithful. I want to transfer all the information that's been deposited in my head and my journal to you. And I want to express the love and peace I have from the Lord even though these last several days have been semi-crazy emotional at times. But I'm still processing it all.

My time from Wednesday morning to Saturday evening was spent traveling and attending Ignite 2011. The theme of the conference was Re-vision: New Eyes, New Dreams. I think God knew what he was doing with that theme because the content hit home for so many of those attending.

The first main session was about how our narcissistic tendencies get in the way of our dreams. It was something I think we could all be reminded of:

We need to dream bigger. We are so focused on ourselves that our dreams are as small as we are. But we serve a God who is bigger than anything and who can use us (no matter who we are) to do awesome stuff in his kingdom. Seriously. We are so limited because we don't see what God sees, but if we did, our dreams would look a lot different. Not only long-term dreams, but day to day dreams.

On a personal level, this was such a good reminder for me of when I first started considering campus ministry. I remember talking to my mentor and friend, Brooke, about going on staff. When she told me to "dream big" I just cried. I don't know why, other than just being so grateful to serve a loving God who changes my dreams into new dreams that are better than what I could have imagined myself.

Here's a picture of my notes from the first main session. I started typing up highlights but then realized it would be way easier just to scan my journal. And it's all so good I don't want to leave anything out. Not to mention it makes more sense visually (to me, at least).

Overall, my time at this conference was encouraging and spiritually refreshing. It was also an excellent reminder of why I'm going into campus ministry: this stuff matters. Students' lives are being changed and they are learning what it means to "have life and have it abundantly" (John 10:10).

God is so good. He is so good to us.

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