rule the world

Sometimes I think that if I ruled the world, life would be better. Right?

Well, maybe not ruling the world. I definitely couldn't pull that off. There are some things I'm convinced, however, if I did, they would enhance the lives of at least a few people.

One: Start my own Espresso Royale/Paradiso/[insert your favorite local cafe here]-esque coffee shop. Maybe two. My coffee shop would obviously have super delicious everything along with a great feel and personality. And it'd be great if the second location had some sort of stage to host shows for local artists (I actually remember going to places like this in the area when I was in high school but I don't know where they went, so maybe there isn't any opportunity for such a place and it would be destined to fail ... or maybe not?).


Onepointfive: Add a super cool vintage store onto my coffee shop. Clothing and other neat-o stuff.

Two: Create a new radio station based in Chicago that doesn't play the same music as every other station. I'm not being a music snob - I'm just saying that it gets boring when several different radio stations have so much overlap in their playlists.


Three: Start a major chain fast food restaurant that isn't actually "fast food" ... it would have healthy options instead of painfully unhealthy ones. This is something I thought more about a few years ago, but I still think it's a pretty good idea. I think I had ideas for a name, menu and design back then but I don't remember them anymore.


Of course I would be entirely successful in every one of these endeavors since I have the necessary funds, education and manpower to accomplish all of them (jk).

Anyone else have brilliant ideas just waiting to rock the world?


  1. Come to think of it, I'm surprised there aren't any mainstream fast-food restaurants that specialize in healthy food. You should attach it to the coffee shop!

    1. And then Ryan can build a Hashbrown Town next door!

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