that's pinteresting

If you haven't heard, Pinterest is this super great bookmarking website. It "lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web." It's extremely useful and highly addictive (more info here).

I can give you one example of how Pinterest has improved my quality of life in the past week:

My family is doing this new cooking schedule thing to ensure dinner happens most days of the week. The first few weeks have been rough, but thanks to this super great "eat sheet" my sister Amanda pinned, the planning and execution for this week has gone quite smoothly so far. Boom. Ten points for Pinterest.

I like to think that I have found the secret to getting all the best pins. Yes, there are techniques in the Pinterest world. What is my secret? Follow people you don't know. That's right, go look at some rando's pin boards and follow the ones that you like. Find someone who has good taste, pins frequently, and boom shakalaka. You've got some of the coolest pins out there. If the person has a lot of followers, they're probably really good. I mean, that is kinda the point of Pinterest, but it seems like most people just stick to who they know.

Of course you want to follow your friends, too, but honestly they probably don't pin that many exciting things or pins that you haven't seen already. There are always exceptions, and to keep you from being offended you can assume you are my friend who has all the latest and exciting pins.

So here are a few of my recent pins that are obviously some of the most inspiring and attractive pins out there right now.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

These are two of my favorite office spaces. I love the lighting and overall feel of the first one and the organization in the second one.
Pinned Image

This is brilliant. It kinda reminds me of something I made my junior year of college - it was a big heart made of pictures from my first summer in Colorado. I still have it because I love it so much! I think I might try something more like this sometime, though.
Pinned Image

There is no point to this. I think I just like the contrast of the bright greens on the white. It's fun!

Pinned Image Pinned Image

I love those earrings. Small dose of edgy. And the necklace is perfect, isn't it?

Pinned Image

Mmmm. Southwestern eggrolls. My second favorite thing to get at Chili's. But these are baked, so that makes them a bit less terrible for you.

Pinned Image

I'm growing my hair out again. Short(er) hair isn't really my thing. But I did like having bangs. I love the combo of bangs and long hair in this picture. Maybe when my hair is long again and I'm bored I'll get my bangs cut for a little change.

So there you have it. Examples of all the fun, inspiring things you can discover on the ever-addicting and useful Pinterest. Anyone else have some really great stuff they found on Pinterest? Or maybe you are convinced of Pinterest's functionality to the point of starting your own right now?


  1. Have you heard of gentlemint? It's like pinterest for dudes!