colors, please

Over the years I've accumulated way too many clothes. As I was going through stuff the other day I realized about 50% of my closet is black or grey. I typically like to wear black because it reflects my soul, but I realized I need to add more color to my wardrobe. Perhaps it's wishful thinking with warm seasons on my mind, but I'm putting a black ban on any clothes I acquire for a while.

I also got rid of a number of items that were from high school/early college. Although I really liked those clothes while I had them, it's time to move on - kind of a sad parting, but I'll get over it.

Have you ever done something similar? Maybe try to make your wardrobe more mature or purposely introduce or re-work something into it?

[perhaps a little more like this?]


  1. I never noticed but you do tend towards darker colors.

    I definitely did that once! It involved a couple of awesome women(and a guy) bringing me to several stores and picking out some great new clothes.

    1. I also distinctly remember one girl exclaiming, "OMG! You look so preppy Scott!"

    2. Bahha, that was fun. I love shopping. Especially when it's for other people with other people and when my opinion counts. Yesssss!

    3. Your opinion should definitely always count when it comes to clothing. I think one of my other favorite quotes from that day was David's explanation of movement capability for guys' pants.

      Also, I meant to add this as a memory inducer to the other post, but buying new "work-shirts" by myself(button-up dressier office attire here, although usually when I hear the phrase work-shirt I think of down and dirty farm-work shirts that my dad wears) made me think of this fun excursion.