(FYI - If you're a fella this post is going to sound silly, and most likely doesn't apply to you)
I recently bought a hairbrush. I haven't had one for a couple years cuz my comb did the job just fine. However, I've read several times lately that it's better for your hair to use a paddle brush instead of a comb, so I decided to give it a go.

The package of my brush promised an awful lot for being a piece of plastic. My brush:

"Utilizes the latest innovative technology with Tourmaline Ceramic to produce an exceptionally high amount of negative ions and Far Infrared which reduce static electricity, drying hair in half the time. Hair is left smooth and silky with an unparalleled shine.
[is it crazy that I want this hair color?]
  • nylon bristle
  • ball tip won't snag or pull hair
  • ideal for long hair
  • detangles and smoothes
  • reduces static electricity
  • all purpose brushing
  • leaves hair smooth and silky
  • unparalleled shine"

Sounds like a bit much, huh? I thought so too. But I gotta say that it really has made my hair shinier and smoother, it actually does help with the static, it is great for detangling, and it doesn't pull at my hair like a comb does. I'm very pleased with my new hairbrush.

If you've been thinking about switching over to a brush recently, I would definitely recommend doing so. This is the one I got, but I know there are nicer brushes out there if you want to make a bit more of an investment.

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    This post reminded of this particular Silly Song. :P