Do you ever have those mornings where you wake up and one of your first thoughts is "I am so hungover," even though there was no alcohol involved? This happens to me fairly often. After waking up Sunday morning feeling "hungover," I thought about the different types of hangovers one can wake up with:

1. The Real Deal - Ya know, when alcohol is actually involved. Dictionary.com defines it as "the disagreeable physical aftereffects of drunkenness, such as a headache or stomach disorder, usually felt several hours after cessation of drinking." I realize this is how most people define hangovers. To clarify, none of the following hangovers are the result of consuming too much alcohol.

2. Emotional Hangover - If you have spent an entire day crying or dealing with drama you thought only exists on TV shows, you have probably experienced an emotional hangover. You wake up the next morning and remember that it wasn't a dream. Now you've got to figure out what your life (or day) will look like in the aftermath of such drama or emotional craziness. These can be some of the worst hangovers.

3. Activity Hangover - When you feel hungover from a certain event or activity. This is the type of hangover I had Sunday morning after my entire Saturday was devoted to a concert with my sister. I woke up this morning with the music and memories of the previous day crowding my head the same way girls crowded the boys from the band. Other examples I can think of include retreats, mission trips, conferences/conventions, social events, travels, basically any event or activity, whether it is one day or a week long, that you are fully involved in and has a high intensity level.

4. Physical Hangover - This is kinda self-explanatory and you could be thinking, "Uh, Suzie, that's called 'being sore.'" Stop simplifying my thoughts and go with it. Say you played field crumpets all day, danced the night away, or spent the whole day prepping for a party you hosted. You don't realize how much that impacted your body until the next day. Every time you try to take a step your body reminds you of whatever you did to make it hate you so much. Saturday's concert serves as an example here, too: my body was sore from hours of shivering and standing and all that good stuff.


Have you had other hangovers? Maybe mental hangovers after you cram for an exam or final? I've got to be missing some ...

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  1. First off, that puppy is too stinkin' adorable.

    Second, I've definitely had some of those emotional/activity hangovers from work, even more so lately. Between trying to find the line of what authority I actually have to make decisions and having real projects that matter in some way, that's been very draining.

    This year of men's frat made us take this skills inventory that ranked our abilities in terms of energy available to us. The lowest(surprise surprise) for me was the part that, "gives directives, commands, and imperatives aimed at getting something done." Needless to say I'm not the most aggressive or self-imposing individual, so work has been stretching me in an area that is quite difficult to call forth.

    Third, thinking about thousands of squealing girls at a concert makes my head hurt. :P