stupid bun

Okay psych major friends, what's it called when you experience something and it reminds you of a specific time in your life, person, moment, etc? Association memory? I have no idea? I've had more of these within the last few days than I usually have. They have been mostly sweet memories, so I don't mind.

My go-to pajamas remind me of my freshman year of college. Back when VS Pink Boyfriend sweatpants and sorority pullovers were cool on campus (I'll wear them until I die!).

The stupid bun I have my hair in right now reminds me of crazy summer days several months ago when Illinois was hotter than I ever remembered it being. Which reminds me of being spoiled by spending the two previous summers in Colorado.

Emails and texts with a close friend bring back memories of meeting up on campus whenever possible to talk about everything and anything.

This song came up on shuffle the other day and reminded me of this past summer, which was a super legit summer. In Chambana. Who woulda thunk?

What triggers have you come across lately?


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  1. That was indeed a super legit summer, in spite of being jobless.

    I feel like everything is a trigger for me of times past. Work has been in some ways, mostly of other working eras. The curse from the garden, so to speak, of thorns and thistles in work has been extrememly true with current work, and then reminds me of the hot humid Illinois summers pulling real weeds with actual thorns and thistles attached to them. When you just pull the weeds mindlessly for a while, and then find that one that's prickly, really digging it into my ever so sensitive fingers was not fun.