My little sister is so brave.


Today she asked a boy to Banquet (that's what her high school calls prom). She asked him via cookie. Staying up late to make the cookie was so much fun.* We spent the night giggling and occasionally stopping to ask, "What if he says no?" This question weighed so heavily on me all night and morning as I waited for her text telling me his response.

And he said yes!

I was SO relieved. I'm excited for Emily and super proud of her! I gotta say, throughout this whole process I just kept thinking that I'm so glad I'm not a boy. Call me old fashioned, but I typically expect guys to do the asking. Now I understand why so many guys want to be somewhat certain the girl will say yes. Putting yourself out there is scary! Major props to every guy out there who has asked a girl out. Although I was terrified of my sister coming home with a sad heart if he said no, I am so proud of her either way for taking that jump! Isn't she amazing?

Have you experienced the I'm-nervous-for-you side of things or are you the one usually asking? Did you ask your date to prom in a creative way?

*Funny to think, 6 years ago my older sister helped me do the same thing! But it was 0% scary because I was already in a relationship with the boy =] Oh, and we completely failed at making the cookies the first try. We never did figure out why that first batch didn't turn out ...


  1. hehe that is adorable!! i once said no to a boy who asked me with a cookie cake and it was the cruelest thing i ever did :( whoops!!! i don't know how i could've turned down a giant cookie, after all. yum.

    1. Oh no! That is sad - cookie cake is so delicious! I will say being on the end that says "no" is not a fun place to be either. But at least you're being honest. That's gotta count for something!

  2. That's something I've admired about you Suzie, is that you expect guys to initiate. Of course from years of Men's Frat(and being reared by my mother) have instilled nothing less than that expectation of myself in my own person. Not that it's ever easy to do, and I've only ended up doing that a couple times in my life.

    One thing I've found interesting is that, from what little this has happened(I guess this is more anecdotal than anything), girls seem to get more hung up on what pain they may cause the guy they had to turn down. That's a very attractive quality of women though in my eyes, having that great sense of compassion.

    Cookies sound awesome. I think if a girl did that for me I'd say yes in a heartbeat.