You know when you're just catching up on your Google Reader and you end up 6 websites away from where you started? The blog you were reading linked to someone else's blog which linked to an article that linked to a store that linked to some fabulous new discovery? Hours of my life wasted on the internet.

Well, one link led to another and I got sucked into reading posts on this website for teenage girls. They post according to monthly themes (March's theme was exploration!). Cute, right?

Here's a post on thrifting. I am personally a huge fan of thrifting and would say I'm pretty darn good at it (not bragging! I just enjoy what I find). The benefits of thrift shopping are endless. This post was fun for me to read because I felt like I was talking to a friend. If you're a newbie to thrifting or have been wanting to give it a go, her post covers the basics nicely. Let me know if you're inspired and need a thrifting buddy!

Typography Art Print by Ashley G - I'd Rather Be Thrifting

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