He will rejoice over you

I had a really sweet time with a few friends the other night. What made it so sweet, you ask? The presence of God. It was truly a blessed evening - soaking up his Word, spending time in worship and prayer, and understanding my Daddy more (see verse below). I love when God catches you off guard like that and he just blesses your socks off.

[Zephaniah 3:17 (ESV)]
Have you had any moments like that lately? Where suddenly something clicks and you understand him more? Or when you just can't help but praise him because you are so thankful he chose you? Isn't he the best??


  1. Here's a mouthful. I don't think I'd stop typing if I actually had a blog.

    I definitely had a moment like that Sunday. After finishing the last year of Men's Frat recently, a bunch of the guys said they were gonna do this other men's group thing that was a spin-off from this conference that was held about two months ago. I was iffy on doing it and missed the first one because I, frankly, just didn't want to get up as early as they were holding it(7 am on Sunday) and had worked a portion of the preceding saturday.

    This past weekend though I did go at what I honestly believe was the urging of the Holy Spirit. None of the guys in my Men's frat group appear to actually be doing this group, so I was a little disheartened about that, but the group I've ended up in I think is going to be awesome. It's a super well-structured study and the group doesn't seem like they'll flake out on it, along with being a lot more willing to go deeper on things with a huge focus on accountability. I'm super excited for it, and left the most upbeat and blessed I've felt in a long while, seeing just how much a nasty funk I've been in.

    Beyond that I've been recognizing God's holiness and sovereignty more and what that should really inspire in our lives moment to moment.

    I like how you said that you're "so thankful He chose you." I've been thinking a lot lately about a corollary to that in being thankful for the salvation of my friends and how many friends I've been blessed with about whom I can say that. Pretty stinkin' awesome.

  2. :) it was a beautiful night. and he opens our eyes right when we need him to. and he loves to give us the "light bulb" moments. i hope that more and more as you search his word, he opens your eyes to the things unseen.