mountain biking


Okay, well ... not quite. The closest thing to mountains around here are the dunes. But we did go biking, and when we saw a trail leading into the woods we couldn't resist.

I gotta say it was kinda scary. We went on two different trails, the first one I was able to ride all of it but the second one I walked my bike quite a bit. Scary as it was, I'd totally be up for it again if I had a helmet and a little more confidence. When we left for our bike ride I had no idea we would end up going off the path. It was a fun surprise.

On that note, I decided to do something new on here. While we were biking I was pretty thrilled to be finding so much fun and adventure down the street from where I live, and wondered to myself what I would rate this experience.

So I present to you: The Adventure Meter!

Today's adventure is somewhere between "good story/'remember when' in the making" and "this could result in some broken bones." I don't really know if I'm settled on the actual scale I've created. I may change it up a bit, so don't get too attached, k?


  1. The scale does need a "zero" mark for things that aren't adventurous at all. How many times in your life have you maxed it out though?

  2. haha :D that was great. i vote you measure your adventures on this scale more often. it would cause me amusement. lol