I'm reading "The Fuel and the Flame" by Steve Shadrach (side note: it takes me foreverrrr to finish a book). It's about campus ministry and it's 100% awesome. And 94% convicting.

Today's excerpt comes from a section about evangelizing, and how so many of us prefer "sharing" or "letting our lives do the talking." These aren't bad in and of themselves, but it's not good if we use them to avoid our responsibility to win people to Christ.

"Webster's definition of evangelize is 'to preach the gospel to; to convert to Christianity.' Is it wrong to have as your goal to win someone to Christ? ... If love is meeting other people's needs and the essential need everyone has is to establish a personal relationship with their Maker and Savior, then the greatest act of love I could ever show anyone is to give them an opportunity to start that relationship."

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