front porch

Last summer I fell in love.

I fell in love with a couch on my front porch. But my love was taken away from me when we were told by our landlords that we weren't allowed to keep the couch there. My heart was broken.

Summer is coming around again. I'm living in a different place and spending time on a different porch. Expanding my porch-sitting experiences has helped me to realize something: some day when I grow up (or just some day soon), I want to have a front porch with some serious sitting potential and space to put a couch.

Looking forward to falling in love with another couch and porch ...

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  1. I've totally had that same experience recently. I loved sitting at the little table on Secret Porch at the Dawghaus and journaling, but then came to Iowa and had no adequate furniture for my screened-in porch(it's not so secret either). I finally bought a coffee table and chair and have already enjoyed a couple of those nights. I've missed warm summer nights over all of this long long winter.

    And, I'm not joking about this next thought, the hopeless romantic in me has always looked forward to enjoying a rain-storm sitting on a swing with my wife in the future on whatever porch we have.

    1. I'm glad you finally were able to get some furniture for your porch! That's awesome. I think another thing that made porches in Chambana so great is that we always had friends nearby to share it with, especially hanging out on those warm summer nights.

    2. That's a flood of awesome memories! Things like going to that frozen yogurt place and walking to sit out by the union. Glad I only have a week right before going and visiting again or I'd be really sad right now.