new website

YOU GUYS. Guess what? After a few trials, I've finally created a website I'm happy with. It's pretty simple - just one page with a quick bit of info about what I'm doing and where God has me right now.

But it's pretty, right? =]

It's got links to important websites, shows you how to spell my last name correctly, and even has little icons that make it easy for you to share via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

If you're super excited about what God is doing on campus at U of I through GCM and you are dying to tell others about it, this would be a great page to share with them (so they can get in touch with me and I can tell them more about Illini Life's mission and vision!).

I also updated the "My Passion" page (up top) to include the link to my website, so if you want to find this page in the future, that's one way to do so.

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