Sometimes you have to re-learn things in life. Oftentimes you gain an even greater understanding of what you're learning/re-learning. I feel like that's the case in my life right now. Re-learning how crazy awesome prayer is. And understanding it more.

One step back, two steps forward?

A little more specifically, last Thursday a handful of us spent some time praying for an outreach opportunity for a friend. Friday night God provided more than one opportunity. I'm pretty sure God was just waiting for us to ask. He was so pleased that we asked because he wants to bless us. He wants to be our provider. He wants to give us so much if only we ask!

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  1. That's really good. He does want to bless us(http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Luke%2011:11-13&version=NIV) if we ask it. What we THINK is good for us has to actually match with what IS good for us though, of course.

    That I think is what I'm struggling with lately. One sector of my life has felt like a slow trudge through hostile enemy territory, and I've had trouble understanding what I'm to be learning in it. I feel like I've been handed a viper in this situation when I asked for a delicious fried egg. I know I need to keep praying for it to get better and for myself to have wisdom in dealing with it.

    I just noticed, though, a difference between the Matthew and Luke accounts of the aforementioned verse. The Matthew account says God will give "good gifts", whereas the Luke account says He will provide the Holy Spirit. Not to say that one book is better than the other(they're not of course) but actually requesting the Holy Spirit directly is super important to remember. He is after all the Divine helper. I STILL haven't finished that book. :(