ho hey

The Lumineers have rocked my world since the moment they entered it. I can promise you right now this album will be in my top albums of 2012.

Ho Hey was the first song I heard by The Lumineers (duh). Many who have received transportation from me know this song, because I'll play it for them and have them guess what its name is. Oh, and I was informed today that it's also in this commercial.

Dead Sea is a wonderful song that I've somehow planted into my sister's head. It brings me great joy to hear her walking around the house singing it.

Last but certainly not least, Stubborn Love could be my favorite on the album. I especially enjoy the lyrics.

I apologize for three videos in one post. I usually try to keep my posts simple/streamline/succinct (see that alliteration?), but my indecisiveness has gotten the best of me.

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