california dreamin

Sometimes dreams are insightful. Sometimes they are painfully realistic. Sometimes they are crazy ridiculous. No matter their nature, I always like trying to dissect my dreams to try to find the origin of the content. Like a few weeks ago when I had a nightmare about an evil  green monster killing my friend Michelle: that was obviously the result of watching The Hulk. That's right. I had nightmares after watching The Hulk. You can laugh, I did too. That is, after I realized my dear friend wasn't dead.

Last night I had a pretty great dream about some friends taking me on a trip to visit state parks in California. I was absolutely in love with the parks and delighted that my friends arranged the trip for me. I've only been to Cali once when I was younger, so why the heck was I suddenly dreaming about parks in a state 2,000 miles away?

Well, I ended up on this website after watching this trailer that was posted on another blog I follow. It totally made me want to see the (short) film and visit the parks. I guess it made enough of an impression that it worked its way into my dreams.

It also made me want to visit state parks in Illinois. I love being outside and enjoying nature. Why not go to the parks nearby? Sometimes I forget that I don't need to go travel the country or the world to explore and find beauty (although I'm sure that's amazing). There is so much beauty right where I am. I mean, obviously, it's always where we are. We just need to look.

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  1. So how many have you been to besides the Kankakee State Park?