the gospel narrative

From an article I read this morning (it was really good - you should read it):

"It’s clear that now, more than ever, humans find themselves in dire need for the sustainable beyond the sensational. Telling the story of the Gospel is elemental, but it's not enough. The equation is incomplete unless we spend ample time excavating the enduring truth it leads to. This is not to say that every recanting of the story should follow with a rousing apologetic debate. It is to say that the fundamental, most convincing apologetic for the 21st century is, in fact, life change...
The Gospel narrative should act as a springboard to the ongoing tangible freedom it brings: a dynamic lifestyle beyond the monotony of producing and consuming, an alternative that distracts us from every mundane and momentary distraction eroding our souls."

 I still think you should read the whole thing.

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