I tend to complain about where I live (where I've grown up). It's not the world's most exciting location. But can I tell you something? Although I have a habit of rolling my eyes at my location, it's actually pretty cool. I know, a few steps down from cookie-cut suburbia might not seem that great. Let me explain:

I live about 25 minutes outside of an incredible city. I can take a train and spend an evening downtown or drive to visit friends. When I'm in the city I'm excited to try new things. I want to explore every inch and find my favorite place to eat or the best place to catch a local show on a Friday night. I love how much life is always happening in the city. The resources I have access to being so close to such a large city seem endless.

That's 25 minutes one direction. Drive 25 minutes the opposite direction and you're in the middle of fields and forests and never-ending country roads. I love the color of the fields when the sun is setting - that beautiful golden yellow mixed with green. I love driving forever down empty roads with the entire world before me. You are in the middle of nothing and everything at the same time, and it's so peaceful.

Oh, and I almost forgot. We've got Lake Michigan, too. I mean, no, it's not the ocean. But it's still awesome. The dunes are a blast. Plus, think about it: water with no sharks, jellyfish, or sting rays. Sounds pretty legit to me.

Not that I'm in the best location ever or that wherever you live sucks (I'm sure it doesn't). It's just that I often give this place little to no credit. It's really not that bad. I kinda get the best of both worlds. City life and country livin'. Not too shabby.



  1. i love this post and this quote: "You are in the middle of nothing and everything at the same time, and it's so peaceful."


  2. :) thats right. its beautiful. peaceful. crazy. uneventful. boring. great. exciting....all at the same time.