You may know that I thoroughly enjoy stalking perusing wedding photography blogs. This, however, was not always so. Sometime during my junior year of college I went from not putting much thought towards weddings to stalking wedding blogs and photographers everywhere.

What caused this, you ask? The question, my friends, is whom. The answer: Phil Wickham. I forget the exact series of events, but thanks to a friend, I googled Phil's wedding pictures. I fell in love (keep in mind, at this point in my life I still had not been to a wedding. Gasp, I know). The natural response after such a discovery is, of course, to explore the website and see if it's a solid time-sucker. Sure enough, Tec Petaja's website will make you drool for hours straight. Thus my love for weddings and especially wedding photography was born.

It's been super fun building a list of my favorites since then. Sad for you, I will not be revealing my entire list today. But I will be focusing on one of my all-time faves.

Her name? Andria Lindquist. Her work? Uhhhhmazing. My favorite thing about her besides her obviously insane talent? She loves Jesus!

Do you ever have those people-I-don't-actually-know crushes? Where you just want to be friends with them so you can experience their coolness and it can maybe rub off a tiny bit on you? Andria is definitely one of my people-I-don't-actually-know crushes. Just sayin'.

I'd post more pictures but her blog won't let me right click, so it's probably illegal or something, anyway. Here are a couple pictures from her Facebook. You'll just have to check out her blog or website on your own.


  1. So glad I discovered your blog! These pictures are definitely swoon worthy. Going to check out her work now. :)

  2. HI! your sweet comments on my blog literally made me tear up. thank you so so much :)