Today was stunning. I did a decent amount of driving in the country-ish areas nearby and I could hardly believe how perfect it was. Seriously, how beautiful are the colors of fall?? My heart aches when I stop and admire nature. I think it's the longing to experience God's beauty - when we experience true beauty, our souls know there is an even greater Beauty and they ache for that.

Do you ever feel that? Where your heart could implode from the overwhelming beauty of God's creation?

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  1. I feel like a similar thought was expressed in CS Lewis' book "Surprised by Joy". It was about how he got these pangs of joy, momentous thoughts of something(he couldn't quite figure it out at first), from reading different mythologies. Eventually he came to understand joy, and the search for it, as his desire for God, and ironically stopped searching for joy because he found what it was pointing to.

    I've often wondered where I find that. I think it's been in contemplating truth(theological and not), and probably more recently in the true meaning of responsibility. That's probably kind of vague. Eh.

    I like the phrase that our hearts ache. It really is that the only thing that can fulfill that desire for beauty, truth, or what-have-you is God.