top 12 of 2012

Well, here we are on the last day of January and I've got a super delayed Top 12 Albums of 2012 post. I know it's late, but, I'm sure you'll agree, totally worth waiting for.

Same parameters from last year apply: these are the albums that I listened to the most over this past year. They were released in 2012 and are listed in order of personal discovery/obsession (starting with the beginning of 2012). Enjoy! And definitely share your top albums if you've got 'em!

Suzie's Top 12 Albums of 2012

The Lumineers
1. The Lumineers - The Lumineers

My Head Is An Animal
2. My Head is an Animal - Of Monsters and Men

Homemade Worship By Handmade People
3. Homemade Worship by Handmade People - Rend Collective Experiment

Young Oceans
4. Young Oceans - Young Oceans

5. Red - Taylor Swift

The Struggle [+digital booklet]
6. The Struggle - Tenth Avenue North

The Process EP
7. The Process EP - The Ineloquent

8. Noosa EP - Noosa

The Peace of Wild Things
9. The Peace of Wild Things - Paper Route

Night Visions
10. Night Visions - Imagine Dragons

Lonesome Dreams
11. Lonesome Dreams - Lord Huron

Endless Years
12. Endless Years - Will Reagan and the United Pursuit


  1. So, in moving to a new town I was granted access to a Christian radio station that actually plays good music that is also somewhat new. I heard Tenth Avenue North's "Worn" and decided I had to download the album it's from, leading me to The Struggle. The album art looked familiar when downloading it, making me wonder where I saw it before, since I don't usually follow music well enough to recognize that stuff before I'm actively buying an album. Then I remembered, "Suzie's blog!"

    I really love this album and wish I could have found it earlier. The flow of the album is too good. I also finished my several year long read through of the Bible(Plus the commentary included in my book) and a couple songs below really touched on Revelation too.

    "Worn" really cut to my heart because of how Dubuque affected me. "Frail and torn" are excellent adjectives for the state of my heart after that time of life. The period left my heart with more scrapes, cuts, and bruises than any period in my life before. I recently told a couple awesome people I know how excited I was to see their stories of redemption play out, and then God used this song's lyrics to remind me about his own plan for my story of redemption.

    "Where Life Will Never Die" is my next favorite. It's a great reminder of the future in Heaven where God will give us the ultimate joy that can't be quenched. Revelation 21:4-5 really stuck out to me after hearing that song. "Grace" is another one that really hits me, particularly where I am now. There's the call in it to let grace "roll your dead heart's stone away." There is much stone to be hewn from my heart after the last couple years, and this is a great reminder of how that gets accomplished.

    I also really like the final song "Lamb of God." It's a very awe-inspiring song calling out God's holiness. It helps to highlight all the places in Revelation where there is so much praise of God for his Holiness.

    Why am I so incapable of brevity in the written word? Regardless, if the rest of the albums in this list are as good as this one, I might have to listen to them too. Maybe I'll start with #5.

    1. Scott! I'm glad the album spoke to you in such cool ways. I think that's definitely the hope of the TAN guys when they make their music.

      If you're figuring out which one to listen to next, #5 would definitely be a good place to start =] BUT if you're looking for more explicitly spiritually thoughtful/encouraging music, numbers 3, 4, 7, and 12 will take you there. 7 actually really helped me when I was in a low place during support raising ("verge of a breakthrough" is my personal favorite on the EP).

      Anyway, so glad you like The Struggle. It's such a solid album and I just love the heart behind TAN's music. Yay!

  2. Suzie! I'll definitely have to give those a listen, as well as some more stuff from TAN. I also would find it very interesting to hear more about why you liked the ones that made the list, either next time we talk preferably(that reminds me, how's New York?), or as a blog post. Next time you do a yearly favorite music list, that might be a good addition, and it wouldn't have to be very long. A lot of insight can be gained knowing why people like the music they do.