my best thought

I have to admit something that you may have already guessed about me:

*deep breath*

I was totally that girl who overused song lyrics in social media. It's true. I posted lyrics to whatever song really spoke to me at the moment in my AIM away messages, Xanga posts, Facebook statuses, basically anywhere you gave me a chance to communicate. It's pretty funny to look back on now (thanks Facebook timeline), and I can say that for the most part I've quit that habit.

The thing is, music is important to me. It's something I've always found comfort in and get excited about. Lyrics still matter to me as well, and I often find myself really admiring or relating to a line or two of a song (I simply resist the urge to post them as my Facebook status every few days).

Anyway, there's a line from the song "Be Thou My Vision" that stood out to me a year or so ago:

"You are my best thought by day or by night"

DUDE. How true! I love that. God is my best thought EVER. I wanted to make a series of images inspired by this song, and since I'm not a graphic designer or anything, I just went with hand-drawn and then painted them.

As a bonus, I'm already chippin' away at those summer goals now that I've finished this art project. Yessssss!


  1. Those are so cool! I really like the use of the brain, eye, and heart for respective lyrics too. One thing on the lyrics though, another iteration Ive heard(unsure if they were the original lyrics or not) makes the song more of a prayer that God would make those things more abundantly true in our lives. It makes the lyrics you used no less true, analytically, however. By definition God is the best thought etc to our frail, fallen human sensibilities. Also, this song is one of my favorite hymns. Tangentially, another top one is "It Is Well". What are some of yours?

    I must confess, I was totally "that guy" with song lyrics on social media too, although I still post some on that in the status line in gmail(wonder if anyone besides me actually reads those?)

    1. I think in the process of realizing God is your best thought (and other verses), you realize that you want more of that. Like, when I realize of all my thoughts, that God is my best thought, I want more of him, ya know?

      And I have to be honest, I don't think anyone reads google status updates anymore (at least I don't) =] but admittedly, my instinct is to match life moments, seasons, etc, to songs in some sort of way. Guess it just means we really connect to music, right? Not a bad thing.

    2. I really like the link you made between the two concepts there. It is only when we understand God's attributes that we can fully desire Him and praise Him more for them. That's fantastic!

      I kinda figured no one reads those, especially since no-one really posts them either. Music is a powerful thing! Recently I got a CD(by accident, sort of) and on one track the band tells the story of a song they wrote for someone and how much it impacted them that they would do that. This may sound corny, but I think sometimes God does that for us. I wish I could count how frequently in Dubuque as I was wrestling with stuff I felt an urge to get something that required driving and a song would come on that would speak clearly to the situation and give me hope. Has that ever happened to you in some way?

    3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHCiwOK814o

      This is the song. The story starts around the 2 minute mark, but it's all really good. I enjoy what I've heard of For King and Country.