summer goals


There's so much promise in summer. Doesn't the word itself come with a hopeful, relieved sigh? Warm summer nights, cookouts, endless driving with the windows down, days out on the water, arguing with your roommates about how high the air conditioning really needs to be, er, I mean ...

I can't help but feel inspired and ready for whatever summer will bring this year. Too often I think about all these things I want to do in my head and then never get to them. As much as I know goals are good and helpful, I much prefer spontaneity. But maybe it'd be good for me to really, legitimately have a few goals for this summer. Let's give it a shot (thanks Bri):

Eating / cut back on the sweets (I don't need dessert with every meal)
Drinking / a little less coffee wouldn't hurt
Practicing / kayaking
Mastering / the perfect morning routine
Learning / how to be not-awkward with kids
Trying / to go hiking more this summer
Playing / any chance I get
Finishing / an art project or two
Reading / more! Let's say 3 books this summer
Remembering / to stay in touch with those who aren't in front of me
Wearing / my new sunglasses
Cooking / enjoying pre-made meals all summer long
Working / out more often
Traveling / enjoying every minute of a summer full of traveling
Wanting / to still leave room for spontaneity

That was kinda fun. Who knew? =] What kind of goals are you setting for yourself this summer, if any?

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